JAG corrects payroll blunder


Store staff affected by the return of 57 JAG stores to Go Mobile last week faced losing their entire August pay packet as JAG attempted to claw back all outstanding money owed it by Go Mobile staff.

A letter from JAG’s payroll department to staff, dated August 27, stated: "This is your last pay packet [and] we will have to finalise all payments from your outstanding bonus payments and commissions.

"For example, if you have had clawbacks and handset deductions in excess of your bonus we would normally only deduct up to 10 per cent of your basic pay. However, in your final pay packet, all due deductions are taken."

JAG officially handed back stores to Go Mobile on August 11. Wages to JAG employees were due to be paid in two parts – pay for 10 days’ employment due from JAG and the remainder from Go Mobile.

But staff faced losing all their wages, some being left owing money to JAG as it attempted to consolidate payments for the entire month.

One staffer said: "JAG appears to have terminated our jobs and taken whatever it can off us. If this was the case, it should have paid us a redundancy package, but it has not.

"JAG has taken everyone for a ride, with many staff taking home less than £100 for a month’s work. Any money it could not clawback it expects us to pay back in the future."

JAG ended up re-running its payroll three days later. JAG boss John George said the issue had been dealt with.

Staff were informed shortly after the letter was sent out that the payroll for August 11-31 was being re-run and any current Go Mobile staff will not lose wages from that period.

Said George: "Staff were informed on Saturday (August 30) that Go Mobile staff who worked for JAG up until August 11 would not be clawed back on anything from between then and August 31.

"We are legally entitled to clawback what we are owed from these staff, but felt it would be fairer to let it slide on this occasion. Everyone is being paid what they are due and we’re ignoring clawbacks from August 11-31 altogether."

Go Mobile managing director Iain Humphrey said he found out about what had happened last Friday (August 29) and although what JAG had done surprised him, he was happy with a payroll re-run.

This article originally appeared in Mobile News’ sister publication Fone (http://www.fonemag.co.uk) on September 4.

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