MMA draws up business guide to Bluetooth


The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has drawn up draft guidelines for marketing and distribution of content via Bluetooth.

Its European Bluetooth marketing guidelines set out advantages of the technology as a communicions tool, as well as user guides for companies that want to utilise Bluetooth to market products and services.

The MMA is looking for feedback from the public tol help set out a permanent guide.

MMA president Laura Marriott said: "Bluetooth has several clear advantages that make it an attractive way to distribute content but must have consistent deployments.

"As with other forms of mobile marketing communication, it is important to provide guidelines that ensure a positive user experience."

A public forum for comments on the guidelines will be open until 5pm on September 26 with the final updated guidelines due for released in late October.

MMA global proximity committee co-chair Alberto Benbunan said: "We need to address the demand of Bluetooth from advertisers. It is also important to inform consumers on how it will work. Not all devices are Bluetooth compatible but 70 per cent in Europe are so the trend has growing interest."

He added: "At the beginning the guidelines will be a form of education for the players and include information on the effects on the consumer.

"It is a safe method of advertising because whenever you receive a Bluetooth message you’re asked if you want to receive it from the company.

"The handset always alert the owner who is bluetoothing and the advert will be free."The public forum can be accessed online at