Samsung readies own app store


Samsung will launch a beta version of its Mobile Innovator website next month, designed to encourage developers to create applications and services for Samsung S60 handsets.

The aim is an increasing range of Samsung handsets with a new applications built into them.

The site’s creators will look into establishing an applications store, similar to application sites from Nokia and Apple.

Although member registration is not yet available, the Samsung Mobile Innovator portal can be accessed and is fully operational. It already features launch content exclusive to Samsung devices.

The site offers developers the tools, technical content and support to create applications and services that work on the Samsung S60 platform. Launch services will include a virtual device lab, business development support and technical support.

Membership is free to all developers.

The initiative will also focus on increasing business opportunities for its members, by providing end-to-end sales channels and service platforms for delivering applications to mobile phone users.

The programme is to be launched at the Symbian Smartphone Show in London in October.

Samsung Mobile Innovator head of global marketing Phil Northam said the initiative was not about competing with rNokia and Apple, as essentially the applications developed should work across a range of phones.

"But we do want the developers to incorporate features that are specific to Samsung devices, such as the scroll wheel seen on some," he said. "Nokia would say the same thing."

Samsung Mobile Innovator head of global relations Sanj Matharu added: "Applications are becoming key to differentiate handsets and certainly will be key to differentiate Samsung devices.

"They will take devices to the next level and we are open to working with developers from other communities."