Vodafone users to send texts from Facebook


Vodafone is trialling an application on a social networking website for users to send text messages to UK mobiles from their PC.

Vodafone Connect to Friends is being tested out on Facebook where users can download the application and currently can receive 25 free credits to send texts to both users and non-users of the site. Later this month the application will be extended to include picture messaging.

The service is available to all customers regardless of what network they use. The cost of sending a text message is 10p but is reduced to 7p when buying the 70 credits bundle for £5.

“With more than 20 million social network users in the UK alone it is the perfect market in which to test a Vodafone service that allows all mobile users to send texts and picture messages via the Facebook experience,” said Vodafone internet services director Pieter Knook. “This is a ground breaking social networking opportunity for all UK mobile users.”