How does Nokia like them Apples?


Nokia seems to have been on the receiving end of quite a few unfavourable "portfolio decisions" recently.

Its Comes With Music service, which debuts on its 5310 handset, has been shunned, for now, by the networks. Now O2 is to shun its flagship N96 phone too.

You got to wonder how Nokia likes them Apples.

It has got to be galling for Nokia, which had the high-end power phone market to itself last year with the N95, the new model’s direct forebear. 

It is a setback to its eagerly anticipated tussle in the Christmas market with Apple’s 3G iPhone.

But it’s the kind of test Nokia must have expected as it announced its reinvention as a media house.

It’s the kind of test, perhaps, only Nokia could enter, among all the incumbent manufacturers.
Loyalty to Nokia’s brand is strong, in some rare cases as fanatical as the strange fanboy obsessions of Apple customers.

Nokia is right to be bold. Networks are still messing around with the ephemeral, ugly business of airtime billing.

Kit and content drives footfall, Nokia’s stock-in-trade and its new strategy respectively.

The networks will come around in the end, as they did with closed mobile web access.