Go Mobile and JAG thrive on collapsed deal


Go Mobile managing director Iain Humphrey said last week performance had immediately improved after the return of Go Mobile’s stores from southwest dealer JAG last month.

Humphrey took back 32 stores from the chain of 57 he agreed to sell JAG in January. Poor trading saw George back out of the deal.

Humphrey has closed the remaining stores.

He said: "We’ve started hitting higher gross profit than when the stores went to JAG. We’ve gone back to basics.

"The old pay structure is back, which staff prefer, and communication between head office and stores has improved again."

JAG also claimed its profitability had improved since offloading the chain.

JAG group operations manager Scott Fulfitt said: "Profits are up again and we’re trading well as a company."

A JAG payroll error following the handover on August 11 has been corrected.

A letter to staff on August 27 stated they would be clawed back for penalties incurred during August in one hit in their final pay packets.

But JAG has since re-run the payroll, so only clawbacks incurred prior to August 11 are levied from their final wages.