Non-EU travellers will pay for network losses


The founder of roaming price comparison website said travellers outside the EU will foot the bill for the networks’ loss in revenue thanks to EU roaming caps.

Businessman and former BT product manager Rune Sovndahl said: "Many networks have given with one hand and taken with the other, playing fast and loose with tariffs to compensate themselves for the cuts to their excessive profits, forced through by the EU commissioner.

"Many people have been led to believe all mobile roaming charges have been reduced, which can be a costly error."

Sovndahl said he launched the website to offer independent reviews and comparisons of all commercially available mobile roaming SIM cards in the UK, and compares roaming tariffs and international mobile roaming charges for global and European SIMs.

The site compares mobile roaming charges for all destinations and monitors daily some of the most frequently travelled locations, such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the USA, Canada, Australia and popular destinations in Asia.

The website claims to be the only independent roaming cost comparison engine focused solely on providing roaming advice and that it can help save consumers up to 90 per cent of mobile roaming charges.