Vodafone defends ’08’ price hike


Vodafone said last week 99 per cent of its customers would not see more than a 10 per cent rise in their monthly bills following the network’s increase in minimum call charges and calls to 08 numbers.

Vodafone had advised customers if they believed their monthly bill would rise by more than 10 per cent they would be allowed to opt out of their contract without a penalty charge.

But the network was accused of "blatant dishonesty" in an article in The Independent last week, which said customers contacting Vodafone to be released from a contract were being refused.

A Vodafone spokeswoman claimed the article had taken the situation out of context, saying customers whose bills would rise by less than 10 per cent per month would face a penalty charge if they wished to be released from their contract.

"Ninety-nine per cent of our customers will see a change of less than 10 per cent in their monthly bill," she said.