Voda first with mini connected laptop


Vodafone has announced it is to stock the first mini laptop with embedded SIM card and broadband connectivity from October.

The slim Dell Inspiron laptop has a pre installed Vodafone SIM, which, will activate when connecting to a Vodafone mobile broadband contract.

It will be sold from mid October and can be pre-ordered online.

Other features include built in Bluetooth 2.0, megapixel webcam, 8.9 inch screen, 1024×600 LCD display, inbuilt Wi-Fi, upto 16GB of memory and improved reception over an external USB modem.

Vodafone confirmed the laptop will be free on a 24 month contract at £25 per month with 1GB allowance. Further price plans will be announced soon.

Vodafone CEO Nick Read said: “More consumers want an easy and quick way to connect to the internet, but there are times when they also want to catch up with emails on a screen larger than a mobile without compromising portability.

“We have taken the natural step to marry together great ultra-mobile technology with mobile broadband.

"Customers can now use a single device to log on and access their emails, read the latest news headlines, or update their blog or social networking page as they travel home from work on the train or while they take a break for coffee."