Sony Ericsson X1 launch restricted


Sony Ericsson has had to impose launch restrictions on its Xperia X1 flagship handset, limiting its September 30 release to just a few networks, retailers and distributors.

As Mobile News went to press last Wednesday, O2 and Vodafone confirmed they would be taking the X1 at launch, with Orange saying it would be available to customers through the indirect channel. Phones 4U confirmed it would be stocking the device in Q4.

T-Mobile and 3 will not have the handset in Q4, but would review the situation.

Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland marketing director Dave Hilton said: “As part of a plan to launch the Xperia X1 this year we had to limit the release. Come Q1, there will be resources to range it elsewhere.

“As it was a fairly late project, only limited networks could be involved, but it will be available to the large retailers and a small amount will go through distribution for other retailers.”

The X1 is pitched as a top-end handset, using the Windows Mobile platform enabling the handset to be used like a computer, with various ‘desktops’ to run concurrently in panels.

Meanwhile, Sony Ericsson will promote social networking service Trutap on its ‘Fun and Download’ portal. Users can chat, group message, send pictures and upload to blogs. It will be the only social networking service featured on the portal.