Mobile broadband from Virgin


Virgin Mobile is to enter the mobile broadband market in Q4.

Managing director Graeme Oxby told Mobile News a renewed agreement with Virgin Mobile’s MVNO host network, T-Mobile, will allow it to produce its own mobile broadband proposition.

Oxby said the MVNO, which in July reached half a million contract customers, would push the new offering as part of a “complete suite” of services, alongside Virgin Media’s existing fixed-line offerings.

He said: “It’s been quite difficult to do much about mobile broadband; the new agreement changes that. It’s a large part of our strategy for next year; joining mobile broadband to fixed broadband to complete our suite of services. There will be quite a lot of development now the fundamentals are in place.

“We said we would do something around this in Q4, but we have no specific details yet. It’s exciting because it glues together all our offerings quite nicely.”

Virgin Mobile is also broadening its array of mobile internet products; recently improving its Virgin Bites portal ‘store front’ to include greater music downloads and entertainment downloads linked to Virgin’s TV channels. An instant messenger service is also set to launch in the coming months.

Virgin Mobile’s mobile data pricing is expected to be revised as a result.