More optical cameraphone zooms on way


Camera manufacturer Kodak predicts optical zoom technology will be more common on phones by the end of 2009.

As manufacturers look to produce handsets capable of replacing standalone cameras, methods of producing optical zooms without compromising on size are being investigated.

Kodak Mobile general manager Brian Marks said: “We are currently looking for new ways to make it work and I believe we will have a product by the end of 2009.”

Kodak, which recently announced a non-exclusive partnership with Motorola to produce dedicated cameraphones, is working with a range of partners to improve camera technology and had included features such as a 0.02-second  ‘click-to-capture’ time.

While no manufacturer is willing to go into details, many say they are looking into optical zoom without compromising handset size.

“We are looking at optical zoom,” said Sony Ericsson marketing director for UK and Ireland Dave Hilton.

“You would assume it’s a potential development area, but so far everyone’s struggled to make a handset slim enough.”