Samsung leaves content to the networks


Samsung is very clear on where it’s taking its mobile device strategy in the upcoming year.

The manufacturer is adamant it won’t pull a Nokia or Apple and attempt to corner the content and services market; making mobile phones comes first – albeit mobile phones open to delivering a network’s services.

Samsung’s stance remains device-centric – a complete juxtaposition of Nokia’s “devices are no longer enough” mantra.

But there appears little bitterness towards its rival, which could be seen to have beaten it to a crucial game point; instead it holds up some sound market logic on why devices are in fact more than enough when paired appropriately with a network service.

The Samsung UK and Ireland “dream team” was reigned in this year to execute this strategy. 

Vice president of mobile Mark Mitchinson (pictured) is supported now by team members including new general manager for product management, marketing, training and content Derek Williamson and general manager for sales Jon French.

“Manufacturing is what we do; we see ourselves as a manufacturer first and foremost,” says Mitchinson, setting the agenda clearly.

“We are working with our customers and the networks around the content and services they are developing.

“I’m not saying other manufacturers are forcing into this market; they have made their stance very clear, that they need to be in services, and we do too, just in a slightly different way.”

Full article in Mobile News issue 423 (September 22, 2008).

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