Orange and Samsung deny Omnia shortage


Orange customers have claimed retail staff  have said the Samsung Omnia has been discontinued, but both the network and the manufacturer have denied this.

Several posts on the Money Saving Expert web forum last week said customers had visited and contacted Orange stores to be told the device had been discontinued because of software issues.

One post read: “I work for Orange. (The Samsung Omnia has) been discontinued due to software problems – so many have been returned back to us with faults, they have stopped them for now. As I tried to upgrade and have been after it for so long, they said they are trying to get more stock and to keep trying.”

Another said: “Just spoken to orange, and they’ve discontinued the Samsung Omnia completely – said they’re not going to be getting any in at all because of the software probs they’ve had.”

Stocks of the device through Orange online had sold out last week but are expected to be replenished within the fortnight.

A Samsung spokesperson said: “There are no software issues with the Samsung Omnia. The handset is being sold as an exclusive 16GB version with Orange. It is selling extremely well, in line with our expectations.”