T-Mobile pay deal angers staff


T-Mobile store staff were angry last week after the network made permanent a new pay structure, but reduced staff commissions by around 50 per cent compared with the trial of the scheme.

Staff had earned more during the trial, from August, than they had under the old points system. But on being made official last week,

T-Mobile  reduced commissions.  Reductions since the trial include earnings on insurance and web’n’walk sales, down from £2 to £0.50, and prepay box sales from £2.50 to £1.20.

During the trial, staff earned £5 on 18-month contract connections of £30 and above, £3.50 on contracts over £15 and £2 on contracts below. They now get £6 on £40 tariffs, £2.50 on £30-£40 tariffs and £1.50 on all others.

One staffer said: “I hated the old pay structure, and thought the new one was excellent. I’m not sure which I prefer now.”

One manager said: “Staff were doing well in the trial. Morale is now down. Several of my colleagues have already quit.”

Staff also said customer retention has become difficult as  T-Mobile reduced flexibility on handset costs. Only upgrading customers spending over £40 per month are entitled to the same handsets as new customers. Staff got around this to now by persuading

T-Mobile’s retentions team customers are threatening to churn, but its retentions team is no longer negotiating.

Deals that go via T-Mobile’s retentions team reduce staff commissions to £0.50, less than what they earn for a prepay SIM card sale.

T-Mobile was unavailable for comment.