Moto deal for Dextra


Dextra Accessories has been selected as the key UK distribution partner for Motorola’s new Bluetooth headsets.

The Motopure H15 automatically enhances frequencies to improve clarity in any environment, meaning users don’t need to adjust volume manually, and has a flip design which is opened and closed to answer or end calls.

The H780 is said to offer a “distinct audio sound”.

Motorola corporate vice president and general manager of companion products Wayne White said the manufacturer had experienced significant sales growth in the consumer market and would look to this sector as part of its Q4 campaign.

Said White: “As the price of the products has come down, it has enabled more of a cross section of consumers to try them. We have experienced significant growth in this category and it can’t all be from business users. Consumers try lower end products and move further up the value stream.”

Dextra managing director James Browning (pictured) added: “GFK data shows mass growth from the supermarkets in accessories sales, so it’s clear consumers are part of this growth.”

Motorola senior manager for European portfolio and product marketing Craig Nicholas claimed the Bluetooth headset market in Europe was “very underdeveloped” and it would target consumers with its new advertising, featuring the slogan “defeating the conversation stoppers”.

Users highlighted in the campaign include at-home mums who need an extra pair of hands, and home office workers.