Comment: Pay well and staff with sell


Just what is it about commissions? Every week we hear about the same old issues, all based on dealers or high street retail staff being unhappy about what extras they can/can’t get.

Well it’s never going to change. Salespeople, by their nature, will always look to find ways of making extra cash.

And who can blame them? You get what you put in: that’s the salesman’s motto, isn’t it? It seems sometimes this is forgotten by the fat cats in charge. 

T-Mobile has well and truly pulled the rug from under the feet of its staff. After trialling a commission scheme which excited and motivated them to sell more, and earn more along the way, it has decided to ruin it all.

The network’s staff can now sell an 18-month contract, worth many hundreds of pounds a year, and throw in internet and insurance, and still not earn enough for a pint at their local – (£2 + £0.50 + £0.50 = £3). Well, not in a London boozer at any rate.

Companies have got bigger, but the commissions have got smaller.
Retail staff are performers, and star performers in most cases for networks and retailers. To stay motivated, they need proper financial incentives.

A mobile phone store is all about selling a product to a customer – nine times out of 10, customers need convincing.

Telling staff, “we’ve cut your pay” is never good. Telling them, “we’re going back on our word to cut your pay” will see nine out of 10 not even bother to convince the customer.

This article originally appeared in Mobile News issue 424 (October 6, 2008).

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