Mike: B2B insulated from the ‘crunch’?


The banks have gone bust, the high streets have closed and everyone is homeless. That would, almost, appear to be the Mad Max scenario playing out on news agencies’ pages and screens at present.

But, the ‘credit crunch’, to give the current global economic downturn its shorthand, has not hit the independent sales channel in quite that way. Yet. Certainly for those in business sales, which the networks have been egging dealers to get into for some time now.

Those that set up in B2B early, or else heeded thee network advice and moved from consumer sales to business connections, appear to be weathering the storm okay. Sure, there is some belt-tightening. Some dealers are feeling the squeeze.

But B2B dealers, for now, seem safe. Whisper it, perhaps even the crunch has forced some businesses to adopt healthy prudence in their deal-making, to better gear some up for the kinds of changes being heaped upon them by O2’s commission changes and the like.

Afterall, finding ways to save money is in many ways equally as important as making it.