Women in the mobile world


Women in mobile sales supposedly have an edge on their male counterparts; communication is key, and women appear to have the gift, but many more men work in mobile than women.

The industry is looking for female workers to balance the scales, while countering the stereotype of stores bursting with male staff, by making job opportunities more attractive.

At 3, female salespeople lead the way on sales figures – the top three salespeople are female, despite 66 per cent of its retail staff being male. 3 confirms the chart-topping sales ability of female advisors is down to their inherent communication abilities.

“Women in retail are recognised as great listeners; their ability to empathise helps them build relationships in a different way,” a 3 spokeswoman says.

“Over the past six months, we’ve been working hard to encourage more women into retail by making it a more attractive career. We offer very flexible working hours, competitive salaries, free mobile with calls and texts, an enhanced maternity scheme and some great flexible benefits.

“Women can work flexible hours to fit around childcare or other commitments. Increased hours are also available, as well as the chance of career progression.”

3 has a high number of female sales staff going up the ranks, with a quarter of its regional managers currently female.

Full article in Mobile News issue 423 (September 22, 2008).

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