App toubleshooting kit from Symbian


Symbian put huge empahsis on the developer community at its 2008 smartphone show in Earl’s Court, London, this week.

It launched a new service, the Symbian Analysis Workbench (SAW), to help application development on its operating system.

According to Symbian, SAW will allow developers to see why certain parts of a programme run slowly and allow them to quickly and easily fix defects with applications.

Symbian executive vice president David Wood said: “SAW provides a whole range of analysis tools to see exactly what’s going on in the device when you have an application running.

“It helps optimise applications and it is completely free.”

SAW will available for download through the Symbian Developer Network.

Symbian chief executive Nigel Clifford also claimed Symbian would continue to make it easier for developers to work on its system and help them speed up the process.

“Speed is the only sustainable competitive advantage in our industry,” said Clifford. “We need development to be done in double quick time.

“With open source operating systems the rules of the game are going to change but rather than regarding that as a problem we need to see how we can take advantage of that and see it as an opportunity.”