Apple shifts 6.9m 3G iPhones in Q3


Apple has increased its profits by 26 per cent in the three months ending September and out performed BlackBerry with sales of the iPhone 3G.

Apple banked $1.14 billion (£693m) profit in the quarter, compared with $904 million in the same quarter last year.

Sales of iPhone 3G were 6.89 million during the quarter, exceeding the 6.1 million first-generation iPhone units sold in the prior five quarters combined.

It claimed $11.68 billion of “adjusted sales” and $2.44 billion of “adjusted net income” for both its iPhone and Apple TV products.

Apple shipped 2.6 million Mac computers during the quarter, 21 per cent up in terms of units shipped and 17 per cent up in term of revenues on the same period last year.

It sold 11,052,000 iPods during the quarter, eight per cent up on 2007.

Apple said its target revenue in the December quarter will be $9-$10 billion.

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said: “Apple just reported one of the best quarters in its history, with a spectacular performance by the iPhone—we sold more phones than RIM.

“We don’t yet know how this economic downturn will affect Apple. But we’re armed with the strongest product line in our history, the most talented employees and the best customers in our industry. And $25 billion of cash safely in the bank with zero debt.”





In July 2008, the Company began selling iPhone 3G, the second-generation iPhone, and significantly expanded distribution by establishing carrier relationships in over 70 countries. Unit sales of iPhone 3G have been significantly greater than sales of the first-generation iPhone. During the first quarter of iPhone 3G availability ended September 27, 2008, 6.9 million units were sold,