T-Mobile axes 537 dealers


T-Mobile has today confirmed the termination of more than 500 indirect dealers as a result of its three-month channel performance valuation.

T-Mobile national sales manager John Fannon told Mobile News that, following its valuation period through to September, it had removed distributor Fone Logistics, as well as 34 direct Premier Partners, three direct Business Partners and more than 500 indirect dealers connecting through distribution.

Dealers were kept updated throughout the process, and informed of their termination via a letter last Friday.

Fannon said: “We didn’t really terminate anybody, they terminated themselves.

“We made everything very transparent, and offered and provided help galore, and even lowered targets to reflect the current market.”

T-Mobile now has three postpay distributors (Avenir, Redstone and Hugh Symons), three prepay distributors (Elite, Data Select and Dextra), 30 direct Premier Partners, 15 direct Business Partners and 200 stockists.