Microsoft gears up mobile work force


Wembley Stadium hosted the second People Moving Business Awards last month, which recognises those using mobile technology to increase productivity, save money and help the planet by reducing their carbon footprint.

The event – run by Microsoft and sponsored by HTC, Cognito, and Greenbang – was introduced to encourage UK businesses and organisations to find ways of going mobile, by rewarding those that already have.

Research from website Work Wise UK shows the average employee spends the equivalent of 29 days per year travelling to work – more than the average annual holiday allowance.

And, more and more, these people are realising this time is being wasted when it could be used more productively by either working from home, or elsewhere, using the right mobile solutions.

The industry term coined for this is ‘moofing’, short for ‘mobile-out-of-office-working’. The challenge is to use mobile technology to eliminate or decrease the need to waste time travelling when work can be done at home, or in the field, finding ways to communicate with the minimum of fuss.

As a result of embracing moofing, all the companies showcased at the awards have saved thousands of pounds.

“We need to encourage more companies to use flexibility in the work space, because what we have found is only a small amount of companies actively promote flexible working as part of their employee contract,” says head of Microsoft UK mobile communications business James McCarthy.

“Far too few companies are seeing the real benefits, and trying real innovative things with the technology, to try and find new ways of working.”

Full article in Mobile News issue 424 (October 6, 2008)

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