Samsung opens developer site


Samsung has launched its Mobile Innovator programme and announced the first 300 Symbian S60 applications submitted will be certified free.

The website provides services to make developing applications easier. Samsung hopes it will allow more applications to be developed for use with its devices.

“With such a fast-paced development lifecycle of products, our work with application development partners and other innovators in the ecosystem is of great value to us,” said Samsung Mobile Innovator global marketing manager Philip Northam.

“The launch of Mobile Innovator is a significant step in our commitment to building a strong open collaboration culture and developer community around Samsung.”

The programme gives users access to a virtual device lab to allow remote development and testing of applications on Samsung devices. It is intended to increase productivity as well as reduce costs.

In addition the programme provides a series of services to help developers including advice in bringing a product to market and how to sell their applications on Samsung devices as well as an exclusive and confidential technical support service.