30,000 pre-register for Google phone


More than 30,000 people in the UK pre-registered with T-Mobile to purchase the G1 handset, the first device to run Google’s Android operating system.

The G1 went on sale in T-Mobile shops today (October 30). It sold out its pre-order allowance in the US in under four days, and had reportedly sold more than 1.5 million worldwide ahead of its UK release on October 30. T-Mobile refused to confirm this.

One T-Mobile staffer said: “The interest in store for the G1 has been higher than we thought.”

Another said: “We haven’t received stock yet, and we don’t know the exact pricing. T-Mobile is being very secretive. It will sell very well, a lot of people are coming in and asking about it.”

Pre-order interest for the iPhone 3G, on O2, hit one million in the UK.