O2 slashes mobile broadband prices


O2 is introducing a new 10GB mobile broadband package for £30 per month on a two year tariff. It is also reducing the price of its core mobile broadband tariffs, with 3GB packages now costing £15 per month.

Customers buying an 18-month or 24-month contract will also receive a free USB modem, or for £99.99 on a rolling monthly contract.

O2 has also launched a new mobile broadband coverage checker, and 50-day guarantee on mobile broadband packages purchased directly from O2 to refund users unsatisifed with the experience.

Also, mobile broadband customers will now need to call O2 customer services to activate roaming for travelling abroad, so sales advisors can inform them of the correct associated costs.

O2 marketing director Peter Rampling said: “Across the industry there are too many customers whose mobile broadband expectations have been set too high and have then been disappointed, which is a terrible shame given there are loads of people who are having a great time with mobile broadband.”

“We want to continue to try to set the right expectation so all our mobile broadband customers know what sort of service they are going to get. And rather than just say it, we are underwriting this commitment with our unique 50 day happiness guarantee.”