GSMA wants mobile broadband standard


The GSM Association (GSMA), the  global representative body for network operators, said last week European governments should copy the French and dedicate spectrum freed up by the switchover to digital television to mobile broadband.

GSMA chief government and regulatory affairs officer Tom Phillips (pictured) said: “The French have acted decisively by allocating 72MHz of spectrum to mobile broadband services, which will reach rural communities that can’t be served economically by fixed-line broadband networks.

“Radio signals in this spectrum band travel much further than signals in the higher bands, enabling future mobile broadband networks to reach as far as 2G networks do today. The rest of Europe should follow France’s example as soon as possible.”

Under an initiative called the ‘Digital Plan’, the French Government will allocate the 790MHz-862MHz band for mobile broadband services, and further manufacturers to produce devices to work on the frequency – the same bandwidth already allocated mobile broadband in others Europe, Middle East and Asia markets.

The GSMA wants other European governments to commit the same spectrum band to mobile broadband services to create a harmonised service across territories – as with GSM services.