Text service to fight knife crime


Crimestoppers and mobile message delivery company mBlox have launched a text information service to help reduce knife crime in London schools, following earlier trials.

The service is designed to encourage and remove any fear from children in schools from alerting the police of information they have on someone whom has committed or is about to commit a knife crime knowing their details will be unknown to police.

It was originally trialled in three schools in Tower Hamlets, London in June, and is to be rolled out across all 32 boroughs in London, with first priority going to those worse effected, including Greenwich, Islington, Haringey and Newham.

MBlox chairman Andrew Bud said: “Mobile phones play a fundamental role in the lives of young people today.

“This project recognised that engaging students in their preferred medium will help encourage them to pass on information about knife crime in a quick and easy way.  Crucially, the secure system allows them to maintain their anonymity, undeniably leading to greater usage by students and assisting.”

The service is also being rolled out internationally in 32 US cities and 16 in Canada.