Fone Logs’ Vodafone fixed line deal


Fone Logistics has struck a deal with Vodafone to re-sell and  distribute its fixed-line voice proposition.

The handset and airtime provider, which lost its Vodafone mobile airtime contract in 2006, will soft launch the proposition to its dealer base this week, and launch properly in January.

Fone Logistics marketing director Julien Parven (pictured) said it was looking for a rapid turnaround of around £25,000 worth of monthly billed revenue from a few key dealers.

He said: “We’ve reached an agreement and trained up our  business dealer managers. We are finalising the operational piece now, which is about how we bill the proposition to dealers.”

Vodafone’s fixed-line division is understood to have approached Fone Logistics about re-selling the proposition, when managing director Iain Gillespie put forward the idea of distributing as well.

Parven said: “We’re pretty confident, given the brand and the ease of sale. Dealers work as sales agents for the product.

“We can accrue £25,000 of revenue with either seven or eight medium-to-large business customers billing, or with 40-50 considerably small businesses.

“We will initially make it available to our base as a whole. An element of our base now comes from the fixed-line convergence market; even if they have not qualified to our business partner programme, they are most equipped to sell this.

“It fits their needs. We are not a fixed-line business; we don’t have the pedigree in that space. But this is a Vodafone proposition, so there are natural synergies with what we do.”

Fone Logistics will run the Vodafone fixed-line product alongside its Fone Call white-label VoIP service, targeted at SME customers at £16 per ‘line’.

“Part of our strategy is new market penetration and the principle is to find both new customers and new products,” said Parven.
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