Orange business sales double in year


Orange head of retail Sian Doyle (pictured) said last week business sales in Orange retail stores have doubled in the past 12 months.

Doyle claimed selling business has always been an issue for staff due to the complexity of the connection process, which differs to that of a standard consumer contract processing. With part-time staff, the barrier has been great traditionally.

But over the past 12 months, Doyle said the process and sales success has changed.

She has placed a business advisor in each of Orange’s 18 geographic retail areas for staff to speak to on a regular basis, giving them a contact for any issues encountered.

On top of that, the whole registration process has been re-thought. Consequently, the old staff fear factor of business connections has gone.

Said Doyle: “This has been incredibly successful and one of the biggest highlights of this year.

“We’ve made business a daily part of our offering in our retail stores. The focus and support we have given it and the resource we have provided for it and also making sure the stores are all fully happy with selling business. It’s been a nice success.”