The great Orange store makeover


Orange staff were informed at a series of roadshows recently, hosted by Orange retail director Sian Doyle (pictured) and Orange sales and loyalty supremo Jean Pascal van-Overbeke, the network was aiming to double last year’s net additions.

The 2008 target is two million new customers, twice 2007’s additions, according to staff.

Fixed broadband sales also came up at the events, which numbered eight, were attended by more than 2,300 staff and ran across the country. Van Overbeke spoke of slow sales and the need, with groundwork now done on fixed broadband service levels and bundles, to improve figures.

What else was discussed? Well, Doyle pumped up staff morale with promises of festive store materials and new uniforms for the New Year. New handsets for the Christmas market were also on show, with key manufacturers Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC and BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion (RIM) on hand to talk up their wares.

Last week, at Orange’s smart West London offices, Doyle took time out of her schedule to belatedly brief press on the same.

So, can Orange talk any more of such subscriber and fixed broadband goals? Not a chance.

Doyle is tight-lipped, brushing off such enquiries with a smile and a look like, ‘You must be joking’. However, she is ready to discuss types of window-dressing to support its push through the remainder of 2008 and into next year – store layouts, Christmas decorations and new uniforms.

Orange UK chief executive Tom Alexander has talked at length this year about Orange’s new store rollout, already running at full tilt in spite of economic conditions that concern rivals enough to slow down expansion. Doyle picks up on this with Mobile News as well.

And, of course, Alexander’s multi-million pound image revamp under the ‘I am’ advertising campaign is still on the agenda.

Full article in Mobile News issue 426 (November 3, 2008).

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