Mystery Shopper Special: Westfield



The store was incredibly loud, with huge speakers at the entrance blaring out an unusual selection of songs; Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick was playing as I entered.

Staff were walking around with balloons, handing out flyers about the Google G1 handset – it was quite a circus.

But it wasn’t long before Arun approached. When I asked about laptop bundles with mobile broadband, he replied: “We don’t do that.”

But what of dongle deals? “Oh yeah, we do those,” he said.

I paused, expecting him to pick up the mantle. He didn’t, so I asked.

He said for £15 per month on an 18-month deal I’d get unlimited browsing and 3GB of downloads.

He asked brusquely if he could help with anything else and, giving barely time to reply, walked off. I was glad to leave Cirque de T-Mobile.

Position = 6th

Product range = 1/5
Product knowledge = 3/5
Airtime knowledge = 3/5
Questioning ability = 0/5
Sales ability = 1/5
Shop appearance = 3/5

Total = 11/30

Full article in Mobile News issue 427 (November 17, 2008).

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