BlackBerry Storms off shelves


Retail staff claimed last week Vodafone stores are seeing unprecedented sales of the BlackBerry Storm (pictured), with stores re-ordering new stock in on a daily basis.

Staff also claimed more than 50 per cent of customers are porting from rival networks.

One staffer in London said: “We have had overwhelming demand for the handset. We are still trying to get through the pre-orders.

“In the first week we sold more than 200 handsets, and could have sold a lot more. It’s the best device on the market, and when you compare it to the iPhone, it does more, and is cheaper.

A Phones 4U advisor said: “We are getting stock on average every other day, and sell out within an hour of it being booked on.

“Stock varies between 10-15 a time, but every other customer that walks in wants one. It is virtually the only handset we sell now, sales have been amazing.”