BT Wi-Fi hotspots hot


Usage of BT’s Wi-Fi hotspots has doubled in a year, according to recent figures.

Use increased 100 per cent between April and September 2008, compared with the same period last year and 57 per cent over the previous six months.

According to BT, traffic averaged eight million minutes a week, with figures peaking in September when over 10 million minutes of access were recorded in one week.

“It’s great to see users embracing broadband on the move,” said BT director of wireless broadband Dave Hughes. “We have already built extensive Wi-Fi coverage with BT Openzone at thousands of popular locations and, as BT FON grows daily, the choice of places to connect is getting better and better.”

The figures include minutes used on BT’s commercial Openzone spots found in businesses such as hotels and cafes as well as the residential BT FON community.

BT FON community is formed from BT Broadband customers who give up a part of their Wi-Fi connection and then can join other FON members’ networks.