Virgin Mobile web now 30p a day


Virgin Mobile is updating its web browsing pricing, claiming it is the cheapest on the market for casual users.

The new pricing means both prepay and contract customers will have unlimited daily mobile web access for 30p per day.

The new pricing will commence on December 8 and follows changes to Virgin Mobile’s web portal.

The web portal will be re-branded from Virgin Bites to Virgin Media and is said to now be 16 seconds faster. After Christmas, the web portal will also be accessible from other networks.

Virgin Mobile managing director Graeme Oxby said: “We want to give our Virgin customers the same experience whether they use our broadband service or mobile web portal.

“We’ve taken a lot of care with our partnerships to design a good user experience. The broader the range and the greater the things you can do, the greater the chance of getting more users.

“For those who change between prepay and contract they don’t have to change their usage because the cost is the same. This is very different to what is already available in the market so it was important for us to build relationships with our partners and make sure the customer experience was good rather than dribble bits out as we went on.”