Huawei to make Android phones


Chinese manufacturer Huawei intends to produce its own smartphones based on the Android platform next year following its entry into the Open Handset Alliance last week.

Huawei has already established partnerships with most of the Alliance’s members, including networks China Mobile, Telefónica, and T-Mobile.
Huawei vice president Li Jilin said: “Huawei sees potential in the operator resale market, and is relying on its insight into mobile communication trends and operators’ requirements to further explore the mobile field to meet the varied demands of operators and users.

“Joining the Open Handset Alliance is an important step in Huawei’s global strategy. Currently, we’re developing smart phones on the Android platform, which we plan to launch in 2009. We believe that the Android platform will transform the mobile life experience for users around the world. Huawei is dedicated to playing an important role in this transformation.”
According to Huawei, from 2007 to 2011, smart phone shipments worldwide are expected to increase at an average annual growth rate of 37.7 per cent. By 2011, shipments are expected to climb to over 400 million units from 110 million in 2007. Smart phones are expected to account for 24.2 per cent of the global mobile phone market by 2011, and this figure is set to exceed 30 per cent by 2012.

Meanwhile, Nokia, has announced plans to move into Huawei’s key market of mobile broadband dongles.

Nokia is said to be shipping its first product early next year, making it available largely through networks and in bundles.