Ofcom to monitor spectrum availability


Ofcom has issued a contract to PA Consulting Group to predict spectrum availability over the next 20 years.

In the nine month study, PA will design and build a model capable of evaluating a number of future scenarios for spectrum demand. The future scenarios will assess spectrum demand based on growth of cellular technologies and demand for high definition TV. It will also look at the ability of current voice, data and broadcast networks to respond to that demand, which could include changes in technology, such as growth of femtocell and other technologies.
PA will also set up a panel of industry experts from the mobile, broadcast and fixed wireless access communities who will validate the findings of the study, which are due for submission to Ofcom in February 2009.
The University of Surrey’s Department of Economics will join with PA to provide the data, which will be used to forecast the likely patterns of demand for wireless communications up to the year 2025, with a primary focus on mobile, broadcast and fixed services.
PA head of wireless technology Phil White said: “Spectrum is a finite and valuable resource. It is important for the development of new and innovative services that Ofcom can continue to manage the spectrum efficiently to meet successfully the increasing demands for wireless communication in the UK over the next decade.”