Nokia Mail on Ovi now live


Nokia’s new Mail on Ovi service has gone live, allowing customers to create their own Ovi email address directly on their mobile phone.

While it doesn’t require a PC to set up, Nokia claims its Ovi email account gives users all the features and functionalities of a typical PC-based email account.

At the moment, the Ovi email service is available in 12 languages on Nokia Series 40 devices, which is to reach about 110 million users.

Nokia senior vice president Tom Furlong said: “We’re creating a mindset shift with mobile messaging. Mail on Ovi is the first-ever email service which allows people to create an account directly on their mobile phone, and start using it right away.

“Rather than focusing purely on push email for the world’s most advanced mobile users, we are mobilising email across Nokia’s mainstream device portfolio, while giving consumers in emerging markets their first email account. These people are the new ‘mobile digital natives’ who will exclusively use their mobile phones for email and internet, rather than a PC.”