Avenir’s T-Mobile dealers to move to rivals


T-Mobile dealers connecting through Avenir will be asked to join either Hugh Symons Communications or Redstone.

The network wrote to its dealers today following an announcement that it had ceased trading with distributor Avenir. About 50 are effected by the change.

Avenir said in a statement last week that it had decided to terminate its agreement with T-Mobile after a review of its partnerships and a desire to concentrate on “top tier” networks. However T-Mobile said today Avenir had failed to reach its performance targets and would have been terminated anyway.

T-Mobile head of indirect partners John Fannon told Mobile News: “We review our performance figures every quarter and there was a significant shortfall in Avenir’s targets. So regardless of Avenir’s decision we would have had to terminate the relationship – they couldn’t carry on as a distributor with us based on that performance.”