The Sharp End: 3 displays, repairs and new VAT rates


3, update your stands!

Anybody else out there having issues with 3’s point of sale material?

I have tried repeatedly over the last 18 months to get our nine-pod wall unit updated by 3. I receive leaflets on a regular basis, and even enormous header cards for the stand (which do not actually fit it). I have tried repeatedly to get dummy phones changed over as I am still displaying the Sony Ericsson K800i and W850i models, both discontinued months ago.

In fact, none of the models on my 3 stand are current any more.

I’m trying to sell 3 phones without being able to display what I’m selling. Hardly ideal, by any stretch. Each time I get through to someone (which is a chore in itself) I am simply told there are no updates available yet.

How can this be? How are dealers expected to sell without being given the tools to display 3’s products?

Recently, 3 updated its 3Sellers online dealer resource, with links for dummy phone handset orders. But follow the link, and it simply tells you to email your request through. Which I duly did – for any/all handsets currently on the 3 network.

3 eventually replied, stating I needed to request the individual models, and then it would approve my request. But even if I did get them, I wouldn’t be able to display them anyway because my stand is out of date.

Come on 3. Get something organised here. You have spent loads of money supplying stands to dealers to sell your products but you are no longer keeping those stands updated. We would sell many more handsets on 3 if we could show our wares.

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