Orange launches Flexible Workforce


Orange has launched ‘Flexible Workforce’, a pay as you consume plan for small and medium business customers.

The operator said the plan will provide businesses that have contract employees, conduct their business at temporary fixed off-site locations, have unpredictable/low mobility requirements or require access to a shared resource, with more adequate tariff options.

It is available to existing business customers who already have two or more contract subscribers and has been designed to address concerns of businesses fighting back in order to beat the recession.

Orange said it will provide flexibility around fluctuations in workforce numbers and locations for seasonal/project-based businesses, enable shared resource for staff who will only have sporadic non-essential needs for use of a mobile for businesses purposes and enable customers to manage their cash flow better as payment is made in arrears of use, meaning costs don’t have to be absorbed ahead of incoming revenue.

It added that it will also tackle unpredictable future requirements, so no monthly line-rental contract is required and therefore minimal commitment needed. This will give customers greater control over their costs, which will be in direct use to usage patterns.

Orange UK director of SME Martin Lyne (pictured) said: “We are particularly conscious of the uncertainties affecting our smaller business customers and we need to ensure we provide flexibility in our plans to help support their changing communications needs.

“As the only operator to provide such an alternative we feel confident that Flexible Workforce will assist SME’s to better weather these economic conditions.”