SpinVox launches ‘VoxLinks’


SpinVox has launched VoxLinks, its new mobile service that lets users talk rather than type a text message.

The company behind the application that coverts a person’s mobile voicemail to text, has designed this service for people that find texting time-consuming who want to get their message across quicker whilst expressing the emotions needed.

SpinVox users who receive a voicemail message converted to a text will be able to talk a text reply back to the person who left them a message, even if the original caller is not a SpinVox user.

The converted voicemails have two VoxLinks at the bottom of the text message. By clicking on the reply VoxLink, user can speak a reply. When the recipient receives the oral text, they will also be given the same option, enabling a continuous conversation.

If the recipient wishes to listen to their voicemails, they can click on the second VoxLink labelled ‘Listen’ to hear the audio instantly.

VoxLinks is integrated into the message so nothing needs to be donloaded. People speaking a text reply will only pay their standard network charges.

SpinVox chief strategy officer and co-founder Daniel Doulton said: “VoxLinks makes daily communication ever more simpler and a whole lot powerful. Using the service is as fast as reading a text.

“Research has shown that speaking is seven times more faster than typing with your thumb and at the same time you’re able to say exactly what you want to say in the tone of voice you want.

“The benefits don’t stop there though. Drivers will find this immensely useful as texting at the wheel is dangerous and against the law. Now all they have to do is use it as a handsfree kit and reply back in that fashion.”

Doulton added that the company will be introducing new VoxLinks features and services in the coming months in order to enhance the user experience.