Post-Xmas spike in unlocking


Sharp price drops on handsets by retailers in the lead up to Christmas has led to a spike in unlocking for most dealers.

Unlocking specialists claim prepay handsets that were well-priced at Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U in the weeks approaching Christmas, in particular the Samsung Tocco Lite, are being brought in for unlocking for use on other networks.

Mobile Zone assistant manager Alex Desteve said: “We’ve seen a large increase in unlocking over the past couple of weeks. The Tocco Lite has been popular, probably because the price dropped by about £30 at Carphone before Christmas.

It’s therefore probably been a big seller and those receiving one as a present are looking to put their own SIM card in it.”

Phone Tek Group store manager Jamie Turner said: “Unlocking is traditionally busy at this time of year and 2010 has been no different. The Tocco Lite has been our biggest seller – we probably unlock two or three of those a day.”