Voda trials 16Mbps mobile broadband


Vodafone said it has successfully trialled HSPA+ mobile broadband with speeds peaking at 16 Mbps.

The trial was tested on Vodafone’s Spanish network. It now plans to trial speeds of 21Mbps early this year using HSPA+ MIMO.

The network said the new mobile broadband technology would enable video downloads of more than 13 Mbps with good network reception and more than 4Mbps across most urban locations.

Currently Vodafone claims it has mobile broadband has speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps.

Vodafone global networks director Andy MacLeod said: “Successfully demonstrating a live HSPA+ high speed connection has been a key milestone in continuing to build confidence in this new technology.

“The results show that HSPA+ technology is well placed to further
enhance our customers’ mobile broadband experience through the evolution of our existing 3G networks.”