Daisy acquires 3,700 customers


Lancashire-based B2B dealer DaisyCommunications has acquired 3,700 customers from Wilshire-based 4Com.

This deal, worth an estimated £8.4m in annual revenue through the transfer of B2B specialist 4Com’s lines and calls customers, see Daisy’s customer base surpass the 32,000 mark.

For the last year CEO Matthew Riley (pictured) has been looking for new acquisitions and he believes this deal is further evidence of daisy securing a major foothold in the business communications landscape.

“Daisy operates in a rapidly changing market where customer experience, product choice and value for money are key, and as a company we are determined to provide the best,” he said.

“Though our proven acquisition model and forthright ambition, we have successfully grown our customer base and given the company a strong foothold for 2009.”

4Com managing director managing director Daron Hutt said: “There is a great spirit of ongoing cooperation and future business between the two companies.”