Dealers hail Hyde’s reign


Dealers applauded T-Mobile’s activity within the independent channel under outgoing UK managing director Jim Hyde last week.

Hyde (pictured) announced his departure for regional US operator n-Telos at the end of March.

Intek managing director Manny Hussain remarked: “T-Mobile now seems more focussed on the dealer channel. It has built a stable relationship with us and Jim Hyde will have had some say on that.

“T-Mobile’s dealer programme, headed up by John Fannon, has embraced dealers who bring in quality customers. Again, Hyde would have sanctioned that.”

Hugh Symons Communications business manager Bob Sweetlove said: “The T-Mobile proposition is strong, especially its new B2B tariff refresh which is proving popular. If T-Mobile can keep its balance of consumer and business propositions, its future for this year looks good.”

Amirul Choudhury, of Chytel in East London, said: “Jim Hyde had a very hard-line attitude. He showed a lot of empathy towards the dealer channel but showed it was important to clean the channel up and offer more to better performing dealers.”

Another dealer remarked: “The introduction of shared revenue deals has been handled well. T-Mobile has been successful with Web ‘n’ Walk, dongles and its latest tariff refresh. It’s turned into a decent network, whereas before it was a little behind. The new chief will have to keep momentum going.”

However, another large dealer  said: “I hope his replacement is more channel-friendly. It’s no secret Jim wanted to push T-Mobile heavily through direct channels. It’s backfired because in a recession you have to put a lot of capital in. It’s ended up being a risky business move.”