Asda claims SIM-only increase


Asda Mobile has increased its share of the prepay SIM-only market by 11 per cent in the four months since dropping its flatrate pricing to 8p per minute and 4p per text, down from 16p and 5p respectively.

Asda Mobile buying manager Craig Thirkell said sales of Asda SIM packs in November were just short of 45,000, compared with a monthly average of 4,500 before the price cut. Asda said it now has a 13 per cent share, up from two per cent.

“Sales have gone up 10 fold,” said Thirkell. “It’s about saving people money and keeping things simple. We have the lowest flat rate prices and you don’t have to top-up on the last Friday of every month while tapping your head and rubbing your stomach.”

Asda also announced it will give free SIM packs to all 172,000 store staff as well as allowing them to use their staff discount cards when topping up, cutting 10 per cent from the price.