Devika: O2/PayPal fraud and the crook’s longevity


No matter how tight security measures, there always emerges some criminal mastermind who figures out how to break through.

It’s tempting to look back with rose-tinted glasses at a time when you only had to show the name tag on your shirt collar to pass a credit and identity check. Of course, times haven’t really changed so far as the criminal element goes. Only the frauds have become more complicated.

Today, customers must have a credible debit or credit card, a good credit history and pay their council tax, as well as answer a plethora of personal questions and name their first pet and first grade teacher.

Somehow, some way, crooks still get past.

O2 has become a recent victim of fraud, and has lost a significant number of handsets after a scam using fraudulent PayPal debit cards.

O2 was quick to act. It’s been here before, like all retailers punting pay-later subsidies, and is vigilant for such crookery.

But with many other networks still accepting PayPal debit cards, it’s only a matter of time before more retailers come a cropper.