New Blyk offering includes web


Ad-funded youth MVNO Blyk has announced it will change its ‘free’ allowance from February 16.

Blyk members, who must be aged from 16 to 24 when they join, previously received 217 minutes and 43 texts free in exchange for receiving advertising messages from brands based on their profile interests.

From February 16, members will now receive a £15 monthly allowance, which will include MMS, data, calls and texts. The respective costs are 20p per MMs, £1 per megabyte of data, 15p per minute to call and 10p to text.

Blyk UK chief executive Antti Ohrling (pictured) said the move towards a more flexible offering had been one of the biggest requests from its members.

He said: “We have seen about a 30 per cent jump in requests to join Blyk since we announced this change.”