O2 offers definite credit check pass


O2 this week began to offer new customers a guaranteed credit check pass in store when they connect to contract. O2’s new deal means customers applying for a monthly contract with handset that fails the vetting process will, instead, be able to connect to SIM-only deals, which do not include a free handset and has no fixed contract length.

Customers will be able to take SIM-only deals for a minimum of six months, without a deposit to pay. Provided all billing is up to date and on time, they will be able to upgrade to 18-24-month deals with a handset.

One O2 staffer said: “This is brilliant news. The biggest fear for a staff member when discussing a deal is that they may get declined and we have wasted our time. If they get an option to offer SIM only instead then it will really help.”

Another said: “Sales will improve no question. The
company risk factor is lowered to just phone calls, data and text, and not a handset. It’s what we have wanted for a while, and it will benefit everyone, especially young people and travellers.”

• Meanwhile, O2 staff are to receive technical training on laptop computers as the network looks to include them with broadband by the end of the month.

All O2 staff in the UK have been told that laptop training is ‘mandatory’ and will take place in O2 stores across the UK throughout February as it prepares to deploy laptops in store for the first time.

Details on laptop manufacturers have yet to be announced, but staff claim there are rumours they could be sold combined with both mobile and fixed line broadband, although O2 refused to comment on this.

One staffer said: “We had heard before Christmas that we would start receiving laptops soon. It looks like February or March now.

“Having the ability to offer a laptop with mobile broadband will really help sales as we are one of the last mobile retailers to get it.”

Another said: “It’s good news, but they haven’t told us anything else yet. The sooner the better.”

Details on devices and packages have not been announced at the time of going to press. T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, 3, Phones 4U and the Carphone Warehouse are all currently selling laptops with mobile broadband.

An O2 spokesperson said: “We will be selling laptops in store in the coming weeks. Beyond that, we have not finalised or announced any plans.”